With a forty year career across a broad range of leadership and collaborative roles in the arts and sciences spectrum, Michael Gresalfi has gained an exceptionally wide breadth of experience and expertise. Long-standing roles as a project manager, strategic advisor, fiction and nonfiction author, and film production collaborator have led him into continuing endeavors supporting creative, academic, and volunteer communities and projects, across the globe.

Michael is a proponent of “Charitable Art.” He regularly donates his art (or the profits from the sale of his art) to a wide range of charitable non-profit organizations that he is engaged with.

“Having read about  so-called “subversive artists” – like Jean Smith of Vancouver, Canada-who use their art to support non-profit enterprises, I decided to follow suit and give away many of my paintings, in order to raise much needed funds for a group of charitable organizations I am very engaged with, and  fully committed to.”

Charitable Art In Action

Below are links to some of the exceptional non-profit organizations I support. If one of these organizations resonates with you- feel free to contact me and I will negotiate providing you with the artwork you desire as a gift, for an appropriate cash donation by you to the selected organization.

~ Mil Milagros: www.milmilagros.org

Mil Milagros is helping Indigenous Guatemalans improve both the health and education in their communities.

~ The Opal House Guatamala: opalhouseguatemala.com

Opal House is a refuge for the impoverished children of Guatemala who are living in the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan.

~ The Arc, Washington County: www.arcwc-md.org

The Arc of Washington County, Maryland, is a statewide leader providing comprehensive, quality support for both adults and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) across Western Maryland.

~ Ocean Research Project: www.oceanresearchproject.org

The Ocean Research Project is dedicated to scientific exploration under sail in pursuit of the knowledge necessary to better understand human-induced stress on the ocean.

~ The Sunshine Kids Foundation: www.sunshinekids.org

The Sunshine Kids Foundation adds quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with exciting, positive group activities, so they may once again do what Kids are meant to do . . . have fun and celebrate life! 

~ Rainforest Trust: www.rainforesttrust.org/

Rainforest Trust works around the tropics to strategically purchase and protect lands vital for endangered species and indigenous communities. We specifically target the most threatened tropical habitats that are critical for preventing species extinctions and that are exceptionally rich in biological diversity.