The Benefits of Collaborative Charitable Art

May 4, 2023

Over the past pandemic years I have learned much about myself and also about others. For one thing, myself included, people who enjoy creating art, pottery, jewelry, etc. have more inventory than they would wish for. The other thing I learned is that many of these folks enjoy gifting some of their excess inventory as “charitable art”  to worthy nonprofit organizations.  

Presently my basement is filling up with “other people’s” creations. These donated arts and crafts consist mostly of framed photographs, pottery and jewelry. Like I said,  I am clearly not the only one out there who enjoys knowing that some of the arts and crafts they produced are destined to support charitable organizations they believe in.  

Most of the charitable art in my basement makes its way into nonprofit organization run silent auctions, but recently both jewelry and pottery in particular have been used as incentive gifts  by nonprofits focused on supporting our large and diverse population of both children and adults with intellectual, emotional and/or physical challenges; a tangible gift to those staff members who provide personal care and management to individuals with disabilities. This is a much deserved expression of appreciation to these under-appreciated  yet essential workers.

So, for all you fellow arts and crafts producers out there, why not think about creating your own local “charitable art group.” Maybe talk to a few of your creative friends and together select one or more local – state- national- and/ or international charities that you and others you collaborate with support and start your own charitable art initiative; one that assuredly will provide satisfaction and value to all parties involved.

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