Unique Contemporary Fine Art Paintings By Michael Gresalfi

“I am committed to practicing Charitable Art”

See my blog posts dated May 4th, 2023 and May 18 2022 for more information on how my charitable art process works.

~ Unique Contemporary Fine Art Paintings By Michael Gresalfi ~

I am committed to practicing charitable art. As part of this commitment I am giving free, signed canvas prints of my artwork to anyone who makes a donation to one of the charities I support. Contact me to discuss a charitable donation to one of my favorite charities in lieu of a purchase price.

Primarily I use melted wax, known as “encaustic medium” as well as occasionally glass paint, oils and acrylics.  I work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, fiberboard, poster board, wood, and mirrors. My style moves between the semi-realism of my “Flower Series” and “Our Changing Planet Series” to the more expressionistic, and abstract styles of my “Reflection” and “Abstraction” series. 

The “Reflection Series” features works of encaustic wax on large framed mirrors with some areas untouched in the composition. This invites the viewer to use their reflection to interact with the piece as a temporary collaborator along with the reflections of the environment where the piece is positioned. 

The works in my newest series, “Our Changing Planet”, attempt to bring awareness to a wide range of global environmental challenges we face while also offering some proven mitigation strategies such as saving old growth forests through carbon sequestration. Using my unique melted wax technique, I present both depth and dimensionality in works such as “Remembering Ross”, a portrait of the melting Ross Iceshelf in Antarctica.  The piece entitled “Dragonfly Sunset”, portrays an endangered indicator species that is witnessing rapidly declining numbers. Another piece in the series portrays the loss of kelp forests of British Columbia, Canada, due to the changing and declining habitat. Along with its vital role within the natural food chain, the kelp forests are also a vital food resource to the area’s indigenous peoples.