Get a Free Print of One of My Paintings

May 18 2022

“I am committed to practicing Charitable Art”

In the latest development of my growing commitment to the “charitable art” concept,  I am now offering free prints of my art to anyone making a charitable donation to one of the organizations I support. 

As part of a special, limited arrangement, anyone who makes a new donation to one of these charitable organizations will receive, at no cost, a high quality canvas print of any painting in these galleries on my website:

By simply making a direct donation to any one of these vital and reputable charities, I will send you a ready to hang print of your choice in one of 3 different sizes. Of course, I am counting on your generosity when making the donation and request that you contact me for a chat so I can help you decide which charity on my list is the best fit for you and which size print will be most appropriate. 

I am also open to providing one of these canvas prints for a “silent auction” at a different charity you are involved in if its mission resonates with me.

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