Guatemala Adventure

November 29, 2022 I recently returned from 3 weeks in the mountainous region of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Half my time there was spent in volunteer support of international organizations developing potable water projects for small Mayan villages. The other half I spent  with my friend and well-known abstract artist, Clemens Luhmann, at his residenceContinue reading “Guatemala Adventure”

Summer Dreams

Sept. 13 Lately I have been having vivid dreams about a particular steel-hulled sailboat, namely, The R/V Marie Tharp– a 72-foot, steel-hulled, 2-masted sailboat operated by the Ocean Research Project (ORP).  My two latest wax-based paintings, “Dream Sailing” and “Greenland Summer” were inspired by these dreams and the men and women presently onboard conducting vitalContinue reading “Summer Dreams”

Recent Additions to “Our Changing Planet”

June 3, 2022 Two recent additions to my series “Our Changing Planet” are “Clear-Cut” and “Coral-Reefs”. “Clear Cut” depicts a previously healthy forest now devastated from both clear-cutting all the trees and the understory vegetation. Clear-Cutting is a method of harvesting lumber that indiscriminately destroys entire wooded ecosystems and obliterates the natural habitat of endangeredContinue reading “Recent Additions to “Our Changing Planet””

Get a Free Print of One of My Paintings

May 18 2022 “I am committed to practicing Charitable Art” In the latest development of my growing commitment to the “charitable art” concept,  I am now offering free prints of my art to anyone making a charitable donation to one of the organizations I support.  As part of a special, limited arrangement, anyone who makesContinue reading “Get a Free Print of One of My Paintings”