Summer Dreams

Sept. 13

Lately I have been having vivid dreams about a particular steel-hulled sailboat, namely, The R/V Marie Tharp– a 72-foot, steel-hulled, 2-masted sailboat operated by the Ocean Research Project (ORP).  My two latest wax-based paintings, “Dream Sailing” and “Greenland Summer” were inspired by these dreams and the men and women presently onboard conducting vital climate-related scientific research, currently off the coast of Greenland. 

Both paintings, seen below, can also be found on my ‘Abstraction‘ gallery page.

Greenland Summer
Dream Sailing

As a member of the Board of Directors of ORP, I often think about our crew and the international group of scientists on board and am proud of their important and exciting work. ORP is included in my list of favorite Charitable Organizations on my Bio Page and you can visit their website or Facebook page to follow their ongoing adventures. 

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