New ‘Reflection’ Piece

December 31, 2021 – The latest addition to my “reflection series” is called “Blue on Black.” In this, my first socially-charged painting, I convey my sense of frustration and despair over one particularly violent aspect of oppression in our society and one shared with many people united across a wide and divisive spectrum of opinions.

BVI Dreams

12/25/2021 – I recently returned from a sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). The wind, water, light, coral reefs, and islands generated vibrant dreams as I slept each night on the boat-as it moved around the anchor line and gently rocked in the protected cove we moored within.

This painting represents my BVI sailing experience- with its green pyramidal hills and semi-submerged boulders, multi-colored waters ever changing from sunrise to sunset, and the peaceful sense of sailing along the rolling seas. I left a few small portions of the mirror exposed, to allow reflections to both generate movement and changing light, when installed on a wall.

BVI Dreams
Encaustic (melted) wax and glass paint on mirror
44″ x 15″

Can you “see” the woman in the clouds?

Tahitian Delight

11/15/ 2020 – “Mataiea Floral” is the latest addition to my ‘Reflection Series’ -all pieces in this series are made by painting on framed mirrors which I find and repurpose from people discarding them locally. ‘Mataiea’ has a deeply scrolled frame and I used melted wax on the mirrored surface. 

It represents the flowers I imagine Gauguin might have enjoyed and been inspired by during his visit to the community of Mataiea on the French Polynesian Island of Tahiti.


Nov. 12th: As I kick off this blog, I thought I might share how I get the mirrors used in making new pieces for my “Reflection” series. I find unwanted household mirrors locally by searching a 12 mile radius on FB Marketplace for “free mirror”. Amazing what unique things I find nearby- yesterday I picked up 2 wood framed high-end mirrors -one very large and the other small, but with an intricate Balinese scrolled frame. 

I also obtain much of my colored wax this way as well – typically from large, unused candles. So basically I’m ‘upcycling’ discarded household items from my neighbors and making their junk an essential element to my work. Cheers. -MJG


November 2021- Welcome to the official launch of the Michael Gresalfi Art website! Here you can check out the galleries featuring Michael’s multimedia painting series and learn about his distinctive techniques and philosophy of ‘Charitable Art’. This website will be displaying all of his most recent work, both ‘for sale’ and ‘sold”, as well as news and updates related to his work and charitable activities. Please feel free to share links to the site and sign up for updates so you don’t miss anything!